6 Week Course to Master Arousal Control

Dear Friend,


After coaching hundreds of men in everything from sexuality, relationships, entrepreneurship, and purpose I’ve found a sad truth:


Most men are depleted.


It shows up in the bedroom. It shows up in life.


But the good news is, that with the right understanding of sexual vitality, any man can achieve his full potential… in sex, in attraction, in business, in his purpose…

If a man can’t harness his Arousal,
he is operating at a grave disadvantage


Sex is nature’s creative force.


But culture-shaming and poor education trains men to waste away their innate power to create in pornography and frequent ejaculation.


So it no longer surprises me when I see how so many men suffer in quiet mediocrity; Never experiencing their potential.


The effect of depletion means everything else in life suffers.


You can’t make love without vitality. You can’t make big money without vitality. You can’t create anything without this raw material of energy.


Men have instinctively recognized this since antiquity. This is why clergy in most religions must be celibate. 


However this is not only a less fun way to live, it’s not even the most effective way to conserve this energy…



Semen Retention is only the first step


More recently, in the Age of Internet porn, men have come to their own conclusions about how PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) kills your mojo. 


 The #NoFap movement has introduced the importance of semen retention and controlling your compulsions.


After all, compulsions are an addiction to mediocrity. Any time you spend energy on what you don’t really want, you lessen your resources for getting what you do want.


But semen retention is only the first part. There’s a lot more to harnessing the power of your sex drive than simple abstinence.


Besides, sex and romance are part of the most fulfilling parts of the human experience…


The Lost Art of Arousal Control


When a man can learn to enjoy the pleasure of sexual arousal, without spilling it every single time, he unlocks the source of his entire potential.


Ancient esoteric masters of Tao and Tantra devised methods that not only let you enjoy his arousal, but reinvest your arousal it into the rest of your life: your charisma, motivation, attractiveness, creativity, and power.


The problem is that most of that esoteric knowledge is complicated and abstract. The main reason Arousal Control isn’t well known, it’s never been taught in a way that the modern man can put into practice.


 Until now…

I’ve been studying with various masters for over 10 years.  And teaching for about half that time. 


Only last year it hit me that there are thousands of men out there who could benefit from this information, but don’t have 10 years to spend studying. 


So I decided to curate all teachings, and put it together so that any man can master Arousal Control in just 6 weeks


It’s based on the Learning Triangle. The 3 factors that facilitate sustainable learning

When you master Arousal Control you will…

  • Have the virility of a teenager with the control of a sage

  • Eliminate embarrassing sexual issues

  • Have more emotional resilience and ability to handle stress

  • Be more courageous and assertive

  • Have more energy

  • Think more clearly and become more decisive

  • Have more creative ideas

  • Actually have the vigor to act on those ideas

  • and of course... be able to last as long as you want

Advanced Arousal Control Course

A 6-Week Course To Master Arousal Control Achieve Your Sexual Potential

Each Week builds off of skills from the previous week

Clear practice regimen with easy to follow tutorials

Downloadable Audios to do your practice without being on a screen.

SPECIAL BONUSES for joining today

How to Touch Her

  • Female anatomy demo (Live model)

  • How to touch each part of the vulva

  • How to develop sexual intuition

Releasing & Grounding

  • Taught by FEARLESS’s Brian Begin
  • How to release self-sabotage
  • Grounding emotions to handle tension

Energy Settling for Sleep

  • Advanced Grounding Meditation
  • For settling surplus arousal
  • ​For helping sleep at night without needing to ejaculate

“I spent my whole life wasting away my sexual energy. This is the first course that actually helped me channel my sexual energy into feeling better socially, amongst other things. For the first time in my life, I’m able to express my desire to women (while being grounded). I also have developed an intuition to women’s energy in interaction (spooky, I know.) Definitely life-changing.”


– Mo (Student)

What you get:

6 Weeks of Actionable Lessons

The most practical information curated so you can learn what you need and bring it into your life.


Clear Practice Regimens

Bedroom, Hatha Yoga (White Tantra), and Qi Gong practices that build off of each other each week.
The Yoga and Qi Gong come with easy video tutorials and and audio mp3 to put on your phone and take your practice anywhere. (More time doing. Less time watching a screen.)


Bonus Suite

How to Touch Her Demo, FEARLESS Releasing with Brian Begin, Energy Settling For Sleep, 

& a Free Coaching Call with Ruwan (while available.)

only $497

(A one week Tantra or Tao sexuality course would cost your between $1000-5000 – this is the lowest cost way to get this level of training)


Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the program start?

What are the time commitments?

 Where do the techniques come from?

Do I have to do the Yoga and Qi Gong? I just want the sexual benefits.

Are the practices safe? I’ve heard of people getting hurt doing the Microcosmic Orbit.

Will I achieve Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms in 6 weeks?

What can I expect to achieve after this?

You will learn to last longer, become more virile, be a better lover (in bed and out of bed), have a more emotional resilience, have more energy and vigor, and a clearer mind. 

None of these results are quantifiable (other than how long you last), but if you do the practices, the qualitative gains will be clear. And if you really don’t feel any benefits after doing the program, I’ll give you your money back