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Favorite Episodes
032 Dr. Charles Ryan: The Virility Paradox, the Influence of Testosterone on Bodies and Minds
052 Dr. Robert Glover: Nice Guy Syndrome, Archetypal Masculinity
053 Elliott Hulse: Masculine Initiation
038 Zan Perrion: The Art of Beauty
046 Sex and Happiness feat. Laurie Handlers
048 Steve Mayeda
050 Devotion, Bali, Night Kings feat. Summer Engman
055 Ken Blackman: Penetrating Powerful Women and Stuff
-07 Blake Eastman: Nonverbal Communication
054 Om Rupani: Conscious Dominance & Male Leadership
012 Dan Doty: Full Spectrum Masculinity
030 Consensual Dominance & Masculinity Feat. Om Rupani
011 Mark "Chirp" Herm: Spiritual Dilemmas
020 Chris Bale: Masculine Intent
-09 Michael Ellsberg: Creative Madness, Manic Depression
-08 Alexander Heyne: Modern Health Monk
008 Benjamin Smythe: Dissolving Duality
-10 Neal Goldsmith: Psychedelic Healing
019 Dave Burns: The Business Monk
-02 Matthew Silver: Sacred Clown
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