Hi, I'm Ruwan


I help men get unstuck.

Life ought to be an adventure.
I want to help you with yours.

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Most guys reach out to me to achieve fulfillment in intimate relationships or their life purpose.


But what really fires me up is helping guys express their full potential. 


I get pissed off seeing men live lives of quiet desperation.  


You have the potential to be a powerful man.


That means getting in touch with your darkness.


That means making bold moves.


And sometimes, that means seeking guidance.

The History of Masculinity

An audio series on the objective roots of man


Masculinity didn't pop up as a concept out of nowhere. These cultural and psychological traits  evolved over ages for specific purposes and functions.


This series follows the objective evolution of male-ness, starting with the first sperm cells, through the development of civilizations, warfare, and cultural perceptions.


This is a side project of mine and won't be complete for a bit. However you can download a preview episode of the Prologue on testosterone: The Winner Effect.

ruwan writing

I know the pains of feeling stuck. For a long time I struggled with severe anxiety and dysphoria. 


I was fortunate enough to stumble on certain adventures and teachers that helped me become someone I’m proud to be today.


If you want to learn more about backstory, read about when I was in a matriarchal cult (where I ironically learned a lot on what it really means to be a man.)


Parts of my story have been covered by BBC, Playboy, Bloomberg, and an upcoming docuseries on a major streaming network.

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My work draws largely on Jungian psych, somatic training, and many of the experts I meet on my podcast.


I tend to focus on the dark stuff, the things that we tend to shove into the depths of our unconscious, the primal, the instinctual, the animal.


But more than anything else, I believe in taking action.


Because when you take the right ACTION, good things happen...

Here are a few words from some people who have worked with me:

Maros Cincura


“Coaching with Ruwan gave me clarity on what exactly is going on and every next step became easier and easier. With Ruwan, I always sharpened my axe and became more efficient. Ruwan helped me in the critical decision points where I needed the most support and I have made a quantum leap over the last 9 months.
Ruwan listens beyond the words I am saying, He has this unique ability to really get even the stuff I didn’t really tell but still meant to tell. He ask excellent questions to take me to my blind spots and his sense of humor creates a very natural and comfortable flow of the conversation.”


Los Angeles

"I've always lived a life of a follower and not someone who typically takes action to create the life that I want.
Ruwan has guided me to take steps to accomplishing my life goals, create the life that I want and let go of the mental baggage that I've been carrying around. I was always tired or living in a constant state of low energy. Ruwan's insight showed me ways to live an abundant and energetic life, and how my energy can impact others in a positive way."

David Wang

New York

"Ruwan has great presence and really listens to you as a coach.
He has helped me take massive action towards my goals, take me out of my comfort zone, and provide the necessary support. I went from an intangible business idea to having a website, blog, and clients in a matter of weeks."

Anoop G


"Ruwan is gentle yet deep. His coaching inspires 'A truly better tomorrow' in you and makes you wanna create it in a flow state. His coaching helped me see details I wasn't paying attention to but brought in deep shifts in my thinking. He is pragmatic and helps you stay on track. But the best part is, with Ruwan, you will want to enjoy the process."

More testimonials can be found on my Coaching page.



If you think I can help you, I recommend either checking out my courses, or reaching out for coaching. 

You can also Contact Me here.

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