The Masculine Archetype Challenge

The Masculine Archetype is the sum total of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors tied to testosterone.


It’s the key to authentically embodying the virtues of masculinity:

Courage, Power, Magnetism, Creativity, and Mental Clarity

About Ruwan

Ruwan Meepagala teaches men how to connect to the power of their instincts. He coaches men mostly on dating/intimacy and creative purpose. 


He was formerly a Psychology Today-listed Libido Counselor in New York City. Now he hosts the Ruwando Podcast, a top show on masculine psychology, from his home in Thailand. He has been featured in Playboy, AskMen, TimeOut New York, BBC, Bloomberg News and numerous other publications. 

Summon Your Masculine Archetype in 21 Days

Your archetypal expression is more about your BEING than DOING.

It cannot evoked just by learning information. It has to be trained.

Core Fundamentals:

While masculinity looks different in every man, 

there are 3 core fundamentals that make up the masculine archetype in all men:

  • Grounding Tension

    This is your ability to handle uncomfortable emotions and sensations. Everything from your performance in the bedroom to your ability to think clearly comes down to grounding tension.

  • Introspection

    This is your relationship to your "Inner World". Men who can draw on their internal resources become free from external results and validation. This is the root of self-esteem, creative ideas, and intuition.

  • Material Accomplishment ("Winning")

    Men exist to penetrate reality. Accomplishing meaningful goals spikes your testosterone and dopamine, AND stimulates the growth of androgen (male hormone) receptors.


3 Lessons (focusing on each fundamental) on the following 7 topics.

The course is 21 days because that's the minimum time to retrain habits.

At the end of the course you will naturally think, feel, and behave in accordance with your testosterone-driven instincts.

  • The Hero's Journey

    Connect Inner and Outer Worlds. Create a map for this chapter of your life story.

  • Healing the Inner Child

    Complete any emotional cycles that keep you in the archetypes of ‘Boy’, ‘Victim’, ‘Nice Guy’, or ‘Martyr’. Understand the Father Wound and the conditioning that imprinted you as a child.

  • The Dark Masculine

    Uncover the animalistic impulses that are the source of power, passion, and creativity, but are often hidden by shame and apathy.

  • The Anima

    The feminine aspect of your male psyche; Intuition, Sexual Polarity, Emotional Connection.

  • Energetic Penetration

    How to use the masculine skills of sight, clarity, and courage. Applications to seduction, communication, and creativity.

  • Consensual Dominance

    A.k.a. Emotional Leadership. How to develop a presence that emotional incentivizes people to surrender. This is the kindest act and most critical function of man. Understand limbic resonance and superorganism theory.

  • Initiation, Making a Mark on Reality

    Self-create rites of passage and write the next chapter of your journey.

artist: Nicklas Gustaffson

+ 5 special bonuses:

Archetypal Hypnosis Meditation


A guided visualization audio to train you to connect with internal symbols. Will train you to focus your mind and hear your intuition and creative ideas more clearly.

(Not sold anywhere else, but Ruwan's other meditation packs go for $49)

Muscle Meditations Workout


Hypnotherapist and Fitness Trainer Nick Salandra's 22min calisthenics workout for training your body with your mind. Internalize grounding principles while stressing your muscles. 

(Normally $49)

Masculine Underground Symposium


Video recordings from the day-long event in New York City. Exclusive talks be Brian Begin, Om Rupani, Ken Blackman, Robert Kandell, and Ruwando.

(Normally $97)

Dream Interpretation Guide


The first students of the course kept reporting that they began remembering their dreams better. This guide will teach you a method for understanding the symbols presented by your unconscious. 

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1:1 Coaching Call with Ruwan

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The 21 day Masculine Archetype program was more effective than I could’ve hoped for. The texts were short and the tasks were simple but everything hit deep. I was able to identify and integrate a polar set of archetypes that had been dominating my behavior for decades and were hard to locate through other types of releasing work I’ve done. Its been a few weeks since the program ended and the feeling has only built on itself—my boundaries are remarkably more certain, more natural, more effortless.

Elias P.

25, USA

Ruwan has a unique ability to take abstract concepts, put them into clear language, and then create elegant exercises so I could actually FEEL the concept he was talking about and teaching. The ability to feel the concept is what made the lessons really stick and will make them useful for the rest of my life. No lesson took longer than an hour to complete, which was great too. The ability to teach men how to feel the feeling he is teaching is what makes Ruwan a great teacher to me."

Chris W. 

34, USA